Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation Attorneys

KLC is an experienced litigation and trial law firm. The firm’s partners have extensive litigation experience and their judgment and problem solving skills have been critical to their success and trial track record.

The ability to know when a party is likely to prevail at trial in a lawsuit is fundamental to almost all legal issues, ranging from contract negotiation to navigating real estate transactions. By understanding which issues really matter to the bottom line of a contract can provide you with the insight to negotiate the terms of any contract so that you focus on what is truly important. For example, if your opponent is adamant about the inclusion of a contract clause that you do not like, if the clause is unenforceable then it may make more sense to allow the clause to be included in the contract while changing other clauses that can improve your position.

KLC’s attorneys have regularly appeared in state and federal trial courts, and various arbitration tribunals ranging from AAA to FINRA and countless mediations.